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For the diligent homeowners out there who take pride in their home experience, not much thought is always given to the lighting in their homes, but it plays a bigger role in our interior experience and aesthetic than you may think. We turn on the lights and we expect them to work; we don’t really notice if they do work, and we always notice when they don’t work. But we almost never notice how they work, and we rarely consider whether there is a better alternative to keep our homes and businesses lit. If we consider the options, we might find that there are better alternatives out there, better alternatives like LED light fixtures and bulbs. We might find out about the better ambiance they can create, and the money they can save for us. And if we keep looking, we might find a trusted and reliable electrical provider to help select, repair, or install these light fixtures.

Luckily, that's where Guidry’s Electrical comes in. We have proudly served hundreds of homes and businesses in the Chula Vista area. With high-quality residential and commercial electric services, including specialization and experience with a variety of LED lighting fixtures, Gudiry’s has the service and dedication you need for exploring the power and innovation of LED lighting. Whether you are looking for more control and interior ambience for the lighting in your home, or more efficient lighting methods to brighten up your commercial business, Guidry’s Electrical has your covered. Keep reading to learn more about our LED lighting and LED lighting installation services, or contact us today and get a quote for your next project.

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Optimize Your Interior Ambiance

The lights that populate our homes and businesses serve a necessary role in how a home or business feels. When they are turned on, we use them to see and navigate our property, but that also means that they illuminate all the colors, edges, and highlights of our property’s interior as well, and this plays a pivotal role in the ambiance and experience of our property’s interior. LED lights offer a variety of design choices and personalization for this ambiance, often allowing you to dim their brightness or slightly shift their color. They also reach full brightness instantaneously instead of having to “warm up”, and they provide an excellent color rendering index (CRI), avoiding the orange and monochromatic hue that often is emitted from more traditional lights. Whether it's creating a welcoming environment for customers, or improving your personal experience inside your own home, the ambiance and flexibility that LED lighting offers can’t be understated.


Save Money

Another massive benefit of LED lighting in LED light fixtures is how much more efficient they are and how that efficiency translates to being cheaper to operate. LED lights are highly efficient in terms of energy usage, lifespan, and even directional emissions. They use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting, they last almost four times as long, and they use directional lighting, so you aren't wasting money and energy on lighting the wrong space. Not only will you see a massive reduction in your monthly lighting costs and utility bills due to their energy efficiency, you will also be replacing your LED lights and bulbs much less often. This is great for any homeowner looking to cut back on future expenses, or a business owner trying to reduce their operating cost. See the incredible financial benefit of an LED lighting installation, and contact Guidry’s electrical today!


Protect the Environment

While the impact of your lighting material on the environment might not be as high on your priority list, you can still appreciate the more tangible benefits of LED lighting while mitigating the negative environmental impacts that traditional lighting can induce. Most traditional lights utilize fluorescent or mercury vapor to provide light; these substances are toxic for the environment and require specialized handling to dispose of them. LED lights require no such consideration or caution, and with their much longer lifespans, reduce the material waste of replacing them over time as well. LED lights also produce virtually zero UV emissions, which is helpful for both the environment, and the protection of certain UV-sensitive items (like our skin). LED lights are much more environmentally friendly, as well as providing a whole host of other benefits.

Optimize your interior ambiance and save on your utility bills, with LED lighting

LED Lighting Installation in Chula Vista - Guidry’s Electrical

LED lights can completely revolutionize the way you brighten up your home or business interior. Not only will they help you save money in the long run, they help protect the environment, and give you much more control over your interior lighting aesthetic. Contact Guidry’s today to get the LED lighting installation services you need.

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LED Lighting